Permits & Licenses

This page will provide information on obtaining the different permits required by Bel-Ridge.

Updates for all forms are in progress. Contact the City Hall if you don’t find the current form here. The Business License Application below is the Updated 2018 Form.


Sewer Lateral Program

For instructions and procedures of the Bel-Ridge Sewer Lateral Program, download and review the Sewer Lateral Application.  The application will guide you step-by-step in the process of getting your sewer lateral repaired.

You will be able to fill out the application on the website and print it, but you cannot submit the application from the website.  The application must be brought into the City Hall.

For Sewer Lateral Application, Please – Click Here

For information on the Sewer Lateral Program, contact the City Clerk at (314) 429-2878 or come to the City Hall.


 Need a permit for different construction related jobs?

Below are links to applications for the different types of permits needed for home improvements and other new/replacement construction projects.  Have questions, call the office at 314-429-2878.

Bel-Ridge Building Inspection Request Form – Click Here

Bel-Ridge Building Structural Permit Application – Click Here

Electrical Permit Application – Click Here

Excavation Permit Application – Click Here

Mechanical Permit Application – Click Here

Plumbing Permit Application – Click Here


 License Applications

For questions regarding the Certificate of “No Tax Due” from the MO Department of Revenue Taxation Division, contact the Director of Revenue at (573) 751-5860.

Gross Sales Affidavits must be notarized and submitted with your application.

Vending Machine Permits must be submitted with your application.

For a list of Flat Fee Rates, refer to Chapter 605 of the Code, Section 605.260; Business Licensing Regulations.

Updated Forms

Affidavit of Gross Sales – Merchants – Click Here

Affidavit of Gross Sales – Advertising – Click Here

Business License Application – Click Here

Vendor License Application – Click Here